Storytelling Sessions

20 years from now, when you look back at this season in life, what will you remember? The answer to that question is what I want to document with a storytelling session. The goal is to preserve memories, to capture authentic and meaningful connections, and to showcase your everyday in all its beauty. Whether I'm photographing a regular afternoon at your house, an annual family tradition like carving pumpkins or decorating the Christmas tree, or the first few days home with the newest addition to your family, my goal is to leave you with images that transport you back to that moment in time. 

During our session, I will not be asking you to pose or ask you (or your kids!) to smile for the camera. Instead, I will be watching your family interact and documenting everything that is going on, the good, the bad, and the funny. Sometimes I will stand back, sometimes I will move in close. I might stand on your furniture to get a better perspective (if you're okay with that, of course!). I'll probably lie down on the floor at some point as well. I will chat with you and your kids throughout the session to make everyone feel more comfortable. And then I will ask you to pretend I'm not there and just focus on your family while I focus on capturing what makes your family unique and beautiful. 

Storytelling sessions are 2 hours and will take place in your home, or another location that is meaningful to your family. The session includes at least 45 edited images on a USB as well as a custom-designed photo album telling your story for you to enjoy for years to come. Please visit the investment page for more information.