1. Why can't I just get the digital files with a storytelling session?

Because I truly believe that the best way for you to enjoy the images from our session is as a photo album. These images tell a story, your story, and that needs to be communicated in a book, not just through a computer screen. My goal with a storytelling session is to show you how beautiful your everyday is, and the last step in that process is to present your images to you in a beautiful format. That is why these sessions include a custom-designed photo album, printed by a professional photo lab. I'm willing to bet that this album will end up being a treasured keepsake that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. 


2. I want to do a Storytelling Session, but we also really want a nice picture for our Christmas card. Can you take one picture where everyone looks at the camera?

Of course!! If you need a picture for something specific, like a Christmas card or Grandma's birthday present, I'm happy to spend a few minutes at the end of our session making that happen. 


3. What should we wear for our session?

Regardless of the type of session, my number one suggestion is to wear something you feel comfortable in. These are not the kind of sessions where you all need to be wearing matching clothes. Just dress like you would on a normal day at home. If you feel comfortable, it will be easier for you to relax.