On Storytelling and Photo Albums

As a child, I loved looking through photo albums. I still do, actually. There is nothing like pulling out an album and taking a trip down memory lane. My mother passed away before I was married and had kids, but I am fortunate enough that she was quite diligent about keeping personal photo albums for each of us kids in addition to some family albums, and those albums now serve as a way for me to explore the stories of my own childhood and share those stories with my kids.


As much as I love photo albums, I also know that they take time to put together, and for a lot of us, especially moms with young kids, time is not exactly something we have in excess. So when I started my business, I knew right away that I wanted to include albums with my Storytelling sessions, because the last thing I want is for clients to invest time and money in a session and then for those photos to exist only on a hard drive or in a Facebook album. I truly believe that every family’s story is unique and beautiful and deserves to be told in a beautiful album.


The album included with a Storytelling session is a beautiful, linen-bound book with thick, lay-flat pages. They are sturdy enough for curious little hands to handle, and the color and quality of the press-printed pages are just incredible. I always let clients select their favorite images of the gallery and take those selections into consideration when I design their album, arranging the photos in a way that highlights those favorite images and makes the story flow naturally from one page to the next.


My hope when you book a Storytelling session is that these photos will become a family treasure, something to be enjoyed for years to come. And including an album is a way to make sure that goal is met.


Are you ready to see your family’s story documented and displayed in a beautiful photo book? Contact me for more information on how to book a Storytelling session!