Storytelling Session: A Morning with the Hills

A few weeks back, I had the absolute joy of spending a Tuesday morning with the Hill family. Their son and my son have been in the same class at preschool this past year, and after seeing the Day in the Life pictures I took for the class, Heather approached me about doing a Storytelling session for their family. And you guys, we had such a fun morning! There was pancakes, and playing outside, and a family dance party in the living room, complete with everyone singing "Sweet Caroline" to the darling baby of the family (I'll give you one guess as to what her name is...).

I'm so grateful for people who are willing to be vulnerable enough to invite me into their home and letting me document their real life! I don't care about messes on the kitchen counter, or the inevitable toddler meltdown when the syrup gets taken away. Those things are part of what life looks like right now, part of the story. And so without further ado, here is a glimpse into a morning with the Hills: