Storytelling Session: An Afternoon in Bakertown

A few months ago, before I had started my business, or even before I was sure I wanted to start a business, I asked my dear friend Brett if she would let me come and hang out at her house with my camera for a few hours. I knew already that I loved documenting my own family, but I wanted to try doing the same for someone else, both to be sure that I could do it well, and to be sure that this was the direction I wanted to go in should I decide to go into business. Lucky for me, she was completely on board with the idea! And so, camera in hand, I spent an afternoon in Bakertown, as they affectionately call their home, from the time the kids woke up from their naps until just around dinnertime. It was an afternoon full of puzzles, laundry, toddler tantrums, and sweet, precious moments of family time. It was ordinary everyday, and it was beautiful. 

When I left Bakertown that afternoon, I knew without a doubt that this was exactly the type of sessions I wanted to do, that these were the kinds of images I wanted to create for people. No poses or gimmicks, just real moments, captured in your home, documenting your everyday. Because here is the thing, even just a few months from now, an afternoon at Bakertown is going to look completely different. There is a new baby on the way, schedules are changing, life with little kids moves quickly. That is why I believe in taking the time to document the season of life you are in right now, whatever that looks like for you. Don't wait for perfect, but let me show you that your everyday right now is beautiful.