A Morning at the Market

Saturday mornings at the Charlottesville City Market is one of our favorite family traditions. Most Saturdays between April and December, the kids have a quick breakfast at home, parents grab the first cup of coffee of the day, and then we head off to the market. Not only do we buy most of our fresh produce there, selecting from a beautiful variety brought in by local farmers, but we always enjoy second breakfast or special treats there. Whether you are in the mood for donuts, coffee, breakfast sandwiches, baked goods, Filipino noodle bowls or tacos, you can find it at the market.

Mornings at the market are a beautiful mix of comfortable routine and a constant influx of something new. Visiting vendors, the changing seasons with their rotation of produce available, or on this particular morning a barber shop quartet walking around and sharing their music with us; no two mornings are the same, and yet the routine is pleasantly familiar. It is part of what keeps us coming back, week after week. 

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